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Virtual Participation Description


Authors submit paper (see Fig. 1). All submissions undergo peer review by experts in the same field. Authors of accepted papers receive notification email. Once accepted, authors pay conference registration fee online and get the online URL to attend the conference. 

                                                Fig 1: Paper Submission Process

The conference is an online conference. You will participate from your home or office, by using our video conferencing solution. We use our partner Daily.co's web based video conferencing software solution, which is very simple to use in a single click from your web browser, hence no installation required.

 All registered authors will receive the conference login URL & password along with the instructions about the timeslot selection. Each author can select a timeslot which best suits their needs (all times are presented in GMT time zones, so be careful in the recalculation to your national time zone).

Refer Fig. 2 for the virtual conference participation description.

                                                                Fig 2: Virtual Conference Participation Process